Aloha Beer Company proudly serves 5 distinct styles of craft beers and introduces limited, seasonal brews throughout the year. Brewed right here in our Honolulu factory, our beer starts with pure Hawaiian water for a true taste of the islands. Our different styles of beer appeal to all types of beer connoisseurs, whether you prefer a light crisp drink at the end of the day or an explosive burst of hops and flavors to knock you off your feet. If you are undecided, we highly recommend that you try our Aloha Beer Sampler. We are sure that you will find the perfect taste. When you are ready to dive deeper and explore our beer making secrets, be sure to take a tour of our Aloha Beer Company Brewery. You will find it fun, educational, and life-changing.



The flagship beer of the Aloha Beer Company. Aloha Lager is our version of a European Continental Pilsner or a classic ‘green bottle’ beer. This light-bodied, straw colored lager features a mild bitterness and a dry, spicy finish. Pairs well with everything from seafood ceviche to a dinner steak.

Alcohol by Volume: 4.8%           Bitterness units: 28


British caramel and roasted malts give this smooth drinking brew its deep reddish amber color and nutty toffee-like finish.  Aloha Red is an ale that offers a fuller flavor and is a very approachable and refreshing beer that bridges lighter and darker styles.

Alcohol by Volume: 4.6%           Bitterness Units: 26


Brewed within the parameters of a classic India Pale Ale or I.P.A., our version boasts a burst of hops from start to finish, and is balanced with a sweet maltiness.

Alcohol by Volume: 6.2%           Bitterness Units: 50


Our lightest and most refreshing ale.  Crisp and clean with a very delicate hop profile, Aloha Blonde is a very pale, light-bodied ale that is perfectly suited to Hawaii’s warm tropical climate.

Alcohol by Volume: 4.5%           Bitterness Units: 17



KIAWE HONEY PORTER ALE: Brewed with locally produced Kiawe honey, this dark, rich ale has an initial full bodied sweetness that leads to a long, lingering roasty, cappuccino-like finish. The honey notes start in the aroma and come through in the finish.   

Alcohol by Volume: 6.0%           Bitterness Units: 26

DOUBLE ALOHA: Using the same hops, malts, and yeasts as our Aloha Lager – only way more of them, we’ve created a double pilsner that is definitely the bigger, stronger brother of our flagship beer. Deceptively light in appearance, this is a great one to savor.

Alcohol by Volume: 7.5%           Bitterness Units: 65

BELGIAN FARMHOUSE ALE: An example of the wonderful and varied Saison style whose roots are in the traditional farmhouse breweries of Belgium and northern France. Our unfiltered ale is fermented very dry and exhibits a pronounced fruity, bubble gummy character that fades into a peppery finish.

Alcohol by Volume: 5.5%           Bitterness Units: 24

STEAMSHIP LAGER: Our version of the first original American style of the beer- the California Common, or Steam beer. Fermenting this lager beer at ale temperature gives it complexity and nuance. Amber in color with a medium body, a burst of hops is avident in this beer from start to finish.

Alcohol by Volume: 5%           Bitterness Units: 34

DUNKELWEIZEN: This unfiltered dunkel, or dark weizen gets it’s copper color from the addition of caramel wheat malt and dark Munich malt.  The estery yeast profile of bananas and cloves is the same as our hefe weizen, while the malts lend an additional caramel/biscuity component.

Alcohol by Volume: 5%           Bitterness Units: 12


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